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Op-ed: I got Fingered at Toga Party. Here’s Why You Should Too.


There comes a moment in every girl’s life when she recognizes that she has finally become a woman. For some, that might have been her first period. For others, it’s her first slow dance. But for me? Well, mine was extra special. I became a woman when I got fingered at Toga Party. 

And you can too.

I found getting fingered at Toga Party to be an extremely empowering experience for not just me, but also women everywhere. It’s an honor and a privilege to know the powerful ripple effect that me getting fingered at Toga Party like the Bad Bitch I am had on the womxn’s liberation movement. You have the power to follow in my footsteps and I hope countless womxn in future generations do the same.

This was the most magical, romantic, and moving moment of my whole eighteen years on this earth. When it happened, sparks flew. I can’t imagine a more captivating way to enter adulthood, and I cannot recommend this experience enough. My body and soul were transformed, and you should definitely do this because it was so amazing! I grew up! I grew up because I was fingered in the very special party quad–I was fingered at Toga Party!

It also wasn’t disgusting at all. His hands were probably clean and I was definitely the only girl he fingered that night, or actually ever. I can say this because I know it for a fact and I am very sure! It was so special and you should do this too. Seriously, don’t let me be alone in this. It was sooo moving. I cannot recommend this experience enough!

Now go get fingered at Toga Party! You got this girlie!!


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