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Op-Ed: Pitzer College has Been Grading Us for the Past Three and a Half Years. My Thoughts on Judgment-Gate.

Frustrated Pitzer student reckons with his school's biggest kept secret

By Jason Corlin, PZ ’20

As I am sure you guys already heard, Pitzer College has been grading us over the past three and a half years. Like many of you, when I heard the news, I was bewildered, confused, and hurt. I have so many questions about this scandal but both Pitzer College and have remained silent. What were we being graded on? Where were these grades going? Where did they hide the cameras?

One of the main reasons I decided to come forward and write this piece is to voice my outrage. I mean the administration had the audacity to judge everyone. I heard they were even grading women and children. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever chill to judge people, especially when they have no idea it is going on. This is totally not what I signed up for and I am super grateful someone finally figured out this was happening. 

One of the most shocking aspects about this atrocity is that so many people were in on it. I am confident at least two of my professors not only knew that this was going on but were partaking in the system too. How do I know this you ask? Well, I questioned them about Judgement-gate over Zoom. The first professor said, “Jason, please stop talking about this I am trying to get through a lecture about Mesopotamian Irrigation.” Sounds guilty to me. The other professor admitted they graded every single student they have ever had. HOW GROSS! Pitzer students will never fully heal until we know what they were saying about us. I demand they #ReleaseTheGrades. 


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