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OPINION: I Love My Triple, and So Would You


When I got my housing assignment back in August (the second housing assignment, of course, not the quirky lil fucky wucky they had first tried to stick me with), I was nothing short of thrilled. Wouldn’t you be? Three people in fewer than 200 square feet was sure to be the bonding experience of a lifetime!  Being thrust into forced cohabitation after a year of social isolation was exactly what I needed to spice things up; I was so happy I cried. After all, I am the definition of an extrovert, which is why you’ll always find me in my room, my most favorite place on campus. Dean Eisenberg and the residence life department really hit the nail on the head with this one. In addition to the AC, there’s so much to love about the 63.6 square feet I call my own. I simply cannot recommend it enough; it’s an experience I think everyone should have, and soon! Don’t you wish you were me? Let me explain my offer.

First off, I never miss a morning class. If my alarm doesn’t go off, I have no doubt that one of my roommates’ will. In fact, they will often each set several alarms which gives me extra time to get ready in the morning. Bonus points to my roommate whose alarm is the same sound as mine! I immensely enjoy being kept on my toes; it keeps me sharp. No more unproductive beauty sleep for me because my triple’s made me a morning person, and a punctual one at that. You, too, could quickly become your professors’ promptest pupil!

Double the roommates means double the fun! Who doesn’t want fun, right? Not only are there twice as many people to help you if you get locked out, but there are also twice as many people to blame for the weird smell coming from the fridge, twice as many nasal congestions, twice as many schedules, twice as many wires to trip over, and twice the reports of disturbing communal-bathroom-related incidences. Just this morning one of my roomies told me about the diarrhea she found in the women’s bathroom. That delightful bit of news hugely brightened my 8am. I’ll leave my other roommate’s tale of the Harwood nudist for another day. 

It’s hard to believe that I’m lucky enough to have such a cozy, intimate dorm with half the floor space of a single and triple the heart. If only I could impart this experience to more people! Feel free to contact me if you too want to experience the joys of triple-living. Especially if you are in a spacious single.


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