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Perfect Zoom Backgrounds to Set the Mood in Your DILF Professor’s Office Hours

wood in fireplace

Just because classes have gone online for the rest of the semester doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect from your certified dreamboat professor’s hot spot 😉 We are quite tech-savvy here at The Golden Antlers, and we plan on using that skill for good (and insider trading)! So if you’re having trouble sliding into your DILF professor’s Microsoft Outlook DMs, read on and discover the power of an excellently curated zoom background.

We’re kicking off this list with a reliable classic. A virtual fireplace, the warm quilt that your grandma made you when you were born, and a stiff old fashioned at 9 am PST, how could anything be more romantic?


Your DILF professor is suave and cultured, and you need to be at their level. Let them know that you’re well-traveled too with this gorgeous background. You might have to stay in your One Direction poster-clad bedroom until further notice, but with this background you’ll be instantly transported to the city of love. Use this zoom background and your professor will be screaming “oui, papa!” in no time!


Oysters are an aphrodisiac. Need I say more?


There is nothing fully-grown adults appreciate more than a flaunt of clearly non-existent wealth. Make sure to follow up by displaying your three roles of toilet paper, and your professor will be eating right out of your sanitized hand.


Trying to seduce your Hottie McHotpants sociology professor? Look no further. Show them that you stand for something with this poignant zoom background. Your well-developed value system will show not only your dedication to The Cause, but also that you have definitely been paying attention in your environmental justice class. Nailed it.


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