Pitzer Freshman Loses Contact Lens, Sends ISO on StudentTalk


Pitzer Student Abigail Jones ‘25 recently lost her left contact lens during a walk across campus and decided that her best course of action would be to send an email to the student ListServe, StudentTalk. She believes she lost her visual aid the morning of Nov 11, walking back to East Sanborn Hall from The Pit Stop Cafe. “I got back to my dorm, and I realized I’d lost [my contact lens], so I thought I’d better ask everyone if they’d maybe seen it.” Jones describes her missing lens as being “clear” and “about half an inch in diameter.” 

Jones is unsure of where on her walk she lost her contact lens: “I think I could have lost it near McConnell, but I also remember rubbing my eye on the Mounds. The sun made me squint on my walk through Mead too so maybe it came out there.” This inconvenience has led Jones to start a petition to combine the email lists for all 7 campuses into one, “easier for me” email list that would alert each of the 10,000 students enrolled at the 7C’s anytime she were to lose something on any of the campuses.

 “I really hope we can implement this change because my contacts are Daily’s and now that means I have to wear tomorrow’s contact today and the whole schedule is messed up. They are absolutely essential, my prescription is 0.25 and I gotta be able to see myself clearly in the mirror when I masturbate.”

While they take time to look for her single contact lens, Jones wants fellow students to know that she has also lost her Hydroflask, student ID, and emotional support ant, who she believes she left “somewhere with the chickens.” Pitzer will be shifting all of their efforts toward finding Jones’ precious valuables, says president Melvin Oliver. “We must solve this crisis before we can even think about helping those who have lost less important things, such as their financial aid.”


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