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Pitzer Student Activists Reach Record Number Of Facebook Likes


Student activism reached a historic milestone this week when Pitzer sophomore Rebecca McAngel announced on Facebook that she was “excited that we have reached a record number of likes in response to our latest innovative, social media-driven initiative!” Pitzer students and faculty are still trying to process the uniquely impactful news.

The “we” in McAngel’s post refers to the new Pitzer student organization, the Association of Concerned Individuals Demonstrating (ACID). It has also been confirmed that the “initiative” is an effort to directly link Pitzer’s fountain with the school’s indoor plumbing, which ACID hopes will both save water and remove the unjustified stigma that surrounds dancing around in the waste products of your peers.

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The Fountain-Sewage Union (FSU) petition – which already has signatures into the double digits and more support than administration has ever shown for legitimate workers’ unions – is just the latest example of Pitzer students, colloquially known as “the Underdog C”, spearheading movements that will surely give them something to talk about at parties and job interviews. In the last year alone, movements have included providing a space for Sanders and Clinton supporters to discover their common ground, hosting man-bun care and etiquette clinics, and efforts to make the financial aid office more sympathetic toward students by taking them slacklining.

As of yet, there are no reports on whether or not the demands of ACID’s key constituency of stoned 20-year olds will be answered satisfactorily. However, contrary to all expectations, several activists have repeatedly expressed dismay that President Trombley is no longer around to help with the FSU effort. “I mean, this whole thing was sort of started as an homage to how she handled her time here at Pitzer,” said McAngel. “We’re taking something beautiful and linking it with complete and utter shit.”

by David Cremins, Natalie Brown, and Frank Lyles


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