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Pomona College Adds Simlish Language Table at Oldenborg Center


This past week, Pomona College announced that they will be adding a new language table at Oldenborg Center for students who are interested in conversing in Simlish, the official language of the Sims. In the announcement, Pomona states their decision comes from “an overwhelming amount of support from students who want to learn the challenging, yet beautiful language of those from SimValley and many other communities.”

Many students and faculty members were thrilled about Pomona’s decision to add a Simlish language table, as many gathered in front of Oldenborg Center the following day wearing Plumbobs above their heads and blasting Katy Perry’s Simlish cover of “Last Friday Night” in solidarity.

“Badeesh dooby zession bloo bagoo geelfrob. Choo wagga choo choo sulsul arriba chandler. Harva sol labaga along with hava so lawnumg” said Malcom Landgraab PO ’22 at the celebration. “Ah, docka morpher nenzi chibna looble bazebni gweb. Chum-cha!”

This table will be mentored by Cassandra Goth, a native Simlish speaker who was born in Willow Creek, but has lived in several other Simlish-dominant communities such as Bluewater Village, Arbor Falls, Pleasantview, and Mesa Flats.

“We are excited about having a space to support this foreign language and providing an opportunity for students to learn the culture and history of Sims people. Goth is very excited to share her knowledge of Simlish and hope students come to appreciate the complexities of the language,” writes Pomona College in their announcement.

The Simlish language table will meet during Tuesday and Wednesday lunches starting next week.


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