Pomona College to Exit the Claremont Consortium in “Pomexit”


Last week, in a historic vote, Pomona College students decided that the college will exit from the Claremont College Consortium. In the moments leading up to the vote, it seemed as though Pomona was going to remain; however, the students shocked the world and voted to leave. The exit will slowly begin next fall, and in the fall of 2017, the “Pomexit” will be finalized.

Students named several reasons explaining their desire to leave the 5C’s (now the 4C’s). Forrest Thompson, the student Pomexit leader, drafted some of the main points:

First and foremost, Forbes named us as the best college in the United States in 2015, confirming how much better we are than everyone else. We feel as though the other colleges in the Consortium are limiting our potential, and that Pomona College can truly thrive once independent of lesser academic establishments. Second, is our issue with migrants. Our classrooms, our professors, and our resources are being constantly used and exploited by students of the other four colleges. Many of our younger students are unable to take the classes they want, due to an influx of students from other schools taking away these spots. Pomona students deserve seats in Pomona classes. They took our seats, and we are taking them back. Even our dining halls are being flooded. I should never have to wait twenty minutes for an omelette. Never. Third, most of our athletes come from Pomona College. We do not need Pitzer to go 2-7 in football. We can do that ourselves. Last, we are tired of being associated with academic establishments that support politically incorrect parties such as ‘Mudd Goes Mad,’ and heck, even ‘Pirate Party.’ Lots of people around the world are pirates to provide food for their family, and that should be respected.”

We asked students from the colleges what they think of the Pomexit. Bryan Pearson, CMC ‘18, says, “It’s really not that big of a deal. I don’t take classes at Pomona. Frary is average at best, and that means I don’t have to go to Oldenborg and eat that awful food for Spanish table lunches anymore.” Rachel Ramsay, a Pomona economics major, is furious. “This vote was such a poor decision. It is awful for our economy. The value of my Pomona flex dollars have already gone down 12% in just one day.”

It is unclear how else a Pomexit will impact life at the Claremont Colleges. However, it is clear that life in “The City of Trees and PhD’s” will not be the same.


*written with some comedic aid from Bruce Service CMC ’17


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