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Pomona First Years Cave and Just Go To Frank


After spending the entire week repeatedly telling themselves and others that they would definitely be eating dinner at Scripps on Thursday, the friend group of three Pomona first years finally admitted at roughly 4:30 that they would probably just end up going to Frank.

“We’re serious, we’re really going this time,” Samuel Ko, who only ventured out of South Campus on Fridays and Saturdays when Frank was closed, had said late Wednesday evening.

“It’s not even that far,” his friend Jessica Ramirez, who had been to Scripps exactly once for the Scripps carnival at the beginning of her freshman year, added.

“We’re definitely going to do it.”

Earlier today, however, the defeated friend group was forced to admit that it was finally time to call it a day.

“Look, we tried our best,” the third of the friend group, Jamie Lang, said with a forlorn look in his eyes. “We put everything we had out there. We put our blood, sweat and tears into it but I guess it just wasn’t our day.”

At press time, the friend group still appeared demoralized, but seemed cheered up when they remembered that it was berry day.


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