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Princeton Review Rates Claremont McKenna “#2” in “Best SAT Scandal”


Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.55.45 PMEarly on Wednesday August 7th the Princeton Review released its annual College Ranking List results for upcoming high school seniors of the class of 2014 to pore over as they search for their future college or university.  While Claremont McKenna received high marks for “Happiest Students” (#1), “Best-Run Colleges” (#1), and “Their Students Love These Colleges” (#2), many current students were devastated to find that they had fallen short in a category they “truly believed” they might excel at.  In what some CMC freshmen are calling “a monumental Dick move,” The Princeton Review  failed to recognize the progress made by CMC in the 2011-2012 school year and marked Claremont McKenna College as only #2 on their “Best SAT Scandal” list.  Current student William Yakley CMC ’14 explained, “it just hurts to be snubbed like that after we tried so hard.”  Yakley shook his head as he worried, “I’ll be applying for jobs this year, I don’t want some company seeing that we’re only number two.”

It is not yet known how this negative ranking will affect applications to CMC, yet the Admissions Office forecasts a rough season. Brandon Gonzalez, an Assistant Dean of Admission estimates a loss of one hundred to two hundred prospective applicants.  Gonzalez shrugged, “when it comes down to it,” he explained “if you’re choosing between a school that added an average of 600 points to an SAT score and 14 points to an ACT score and us, we just can’t compete.”  The mood on campus was somber as CMC students felt the toll the recent rankings have taken on them and their futures.  Some activist students have initiated a campaign to rehire the infamous Dick Vos, “there’s always next year!” campaigned CMC junior Kelly Watts, “also, we really just miss him.”

– Clancy Tripp CMC ’15


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