Real-Life Maze Runner: It’s just Gabi Starr Chasing you Through Oldenborg


Your 2014 Young Adult fantasy is coming to life next semester with Pomona Events Committee’s Maze Runner night when students enter Oldenborg for a fun night of fright! The goal? Escape the building without being slaughtered by President Gabi Starr. 

“I think the energy is going to be soooo surreal,” says the head of PEC. “Hopefully PEC can make some extra money and we can buy even more Nature Valley granola bars for our next event! Oh and by the way, if you escape the maze alive, you win a $10 gift card to the COOP store as well as guaranteed entry into the 5C Hunger Games! Plus, a Cameo from the star of the MazeRunner movie! No… not Dylan O’Brien. No… not Thomas Brodie-Sangster. The other guy whose name we definitely know.”

This will be the last event in Oldenborg before the building is demolished. So don’t worry when President Starr starts breathing fire and destroying the windows with her wings. She’s just getting an early start on the demo process.

Of course, students will be expected to speak Oldenborg during the entire experience. The only thing worse than a merciless death at the claws of Starr is getting no credit for your conversation class. And no, the dining hall will not be open during the event due to Covid restrictions. 

“I think this is a great opportunity for collaboration and community,” said Gabi Starr when we asked her about her participation in the event. “These are unprecedented times, but we will move forward with dignity and grace.”


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