Report: Freshman Already Has Internship at Dad’s Company


Late last night, CMC freshman Jason Blankfein announced via Instagram that he had secured the position of “Social Media Intern” at his dad’s up-and-coming startup named Goldman Sachs. This isn’t to say landing the job was an easy feat, though.

“I was worried that my performance in freshman seminar would make them reconsider,” he says. “After all, it’s a highly competitive market out there, and they only take the best candidates. However, my dad’s been telling me I’d have this internship since the day I was born, so that kind of gave me the confidence I needed in the interview.”

When asked what advice Blankfein would give to other potential candidates, he said, “Try to have a dad who is the CEO of a big company. Even if you can’t get a job at his company, he can get you a job at another dad’s company. It is really helpful.” Indeed, studies show that choosing powerful parents and taking advantage of one’s privilege usually leads to exciting career opportunities like Jason’s.

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Jason is just one example among many ambitious young people taking advantage of their parents’ influence in the professional world. Malia Obama, another career-minded youth, recently announced she would intern as the Secretary of State this summer. The White House declined to comment, but Malia herself tweeted, “I am so grateful to serve as SOS this summer! Move over @johnkerry, u big oak tree! lol jk <3 u #blessed.”

Overall, the trend of nepotism in summer internships will most likely increase as the number of candidates increases as well, allowing companies to stay “in the family” and continue to hire people based on their hard working, well qualified, high achieving last names.

If candidates lack career connections, there are alternative ways to “network,” including but not limited to blowing the HR manager at the most sought-after companies. Remember, though, that’s a choice, not a prerogative.

– Victor Lopez CMC ’17


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