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Scripps College Solves Housing Crisis with Storage Pod Dorms


Scripps College Residential Life has managed to creatively solve its persistent housing crisis once and for all in a logical and simple way: by providing Storage Pods for students to live in!

Students have been raving about their single-dorm buildings.

“My bed almost fits inside, which isn’t that bad of a deal,” Amy Braggard ‘21 enthusiastically told The Golden Antlers. “Also my stuff was here all summer, so the moving process was super easy. So much better than when I lived at CGU last year.”

That being said, pod occupants have found a lot to complain about. Poor ventilation, no windows, no natural light, no indoor plumbing, and no fire exits are all some minor grievances. However, residents can drop their pod at any location they’d like. Whether that be near classes, the pool, the bocce court, in Margaret Fowler garden, or by the Motley, Scripps ensures that all students are placed in an ideal living situation. Scripps is even going so far as to provide free wheels for occupants to move their pods around depending on their mood!

A major downside to the situation has been a surge of Storage Valet employees mistaking the dorm rooms for storage units that were left behind from the summer.

Lyla Rand ‘20 recounted a particularly jarring experience.

“Last Tuesday, I woke up and there was a giant forklift picking up my whole room,” she said. “I had to really quickly undo the Master combo lock, and then I started yelling. I wasn’t even wearing pants and I was at least ten feet in the air. Once the dude saw me screaming they put me down and I told them it was my official student housing. It got me up for my 8:10 though. And it was also a really funny story for my tinder date.”

Rand’s date declined to comment on the situation.


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