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Service Dog Written Up for Not Wearing Tiny, Adorable Mask While Visiting Dorm


Service dog Harry “Poochini” Hamden (PO ‘25) received a formal warning from Pomona’s Resident Life Office after a blatant, dangerous violation of the 5Cs COVID-19 preventative measures. Our favorite little Poochini was spotted exhibiting some adorable, but maskless, dog sneezes post belly rub in a Sontag suite filled with non-dorm members. 

Pomona admin issued the following statement: “We hate to sanction the best boy on campus, but Poochini’s anti-socially distant, cuddling-prone behavior and failure to get tested every week has forced our hand. Given the number of wet kisses he gives everyone, we know he is fully capable of performing a spit test. His heartwarming, but disrespectful actions demonstrate willful negligence of our community rules.”

Officials went on to say that further violations would result in more serious punishment such as a normal-sized tennis ball that’s too big for his tiny mouth so he looks silly trying to play fetch. 

Poochini’s owner relayed the warnings will have little effect on his behavior. The pupper has gone full YOLO since receiving his third shot of the Pfizer vaccine. Until he completes the 5C pee challenge, we can expect the careless canine to continue being a super spreader of “Cute COVID.” Also, rabies.


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