SO COOL: This Dude Conflates Drunkeness with a Good Personality


Exercising his newfound sense of extroversion, a drunken Hunter Robinson (PO ’20) made rounds at Pub last Saturday night clad in a quirky Rick and Morty graphic tee. “The writers of that show just, like, fucking get it, you know” Robinson loudly exclaimed to the back of Rebecca Rahn’s (PZ ’18) head.

Throughout the night, Robinson was spotted shouting “It’s lit hashtag 2k18,” informing partygoers that “they’ve never seen a power hour like his,” and asking unenthused woman “have you ever heard of Pearl Jam.” Fuck, that guy is dynamite.

The next day, Robinson was found at Frary brunch forging ahead on the 32 oz of greek yogurt he served himself, relating last night’s events to a distant acquaintance Sarah Barnes (HM ’21) whom he’d bumped into. “Check it Sarah, last night was literally so fucking lit. I low key (maybe high key) freaked out when they put on that Mr. Brightside remix. Anyways, I had like 9 shots and 4 IPAs and almost threw up in my roommates’ bed. Ha ha so funny.” Safe to say, Robinson has his finger on the pulse of chill ass shit.

“Wow,” remarked Barnes. “I didn’t know much about Hunter until now, and I don’t really intend to know any more after this bullshit breakfast.”

“Yeah, like I would say Sarah is a total chiller,” related Robinson, “I should ask her to tag along to beer league next Friday… that would be the tits.”


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