Sophomore Discovers that the Number of JUULS he Owns Doesn’t Define Him

It’s actually how much money his dad has

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Over the weekend, CMC sophomore Tommy took a “fat bong rip” while hanging out with friends and talking about their summers. After minutes of showing his friends all his “sick vape vids” that he and his “back-home squad” filmed, he started to realize they don’t actually care. He then took another hit out of the bong and began to realize that his personality isn’t defined by the number of JUULs he owns, but rather how much money his dad has. “Yeah it was kind of a surreal experience to be honest. I kind of lost who I was for a bit; but as soon as I figured it out, I shot my dad a text asking what his net worth was,” Tommy DMed to the Golden Antlers’s insta. “I’m kind of glad I figured it out sooner rather than later, cause I finally figured out what truly defines who I am.”


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