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The Golden Antlers’ New Years Apologies


 2012 has certainly been a crazy year for The Golden Antlers!  We’ve received over over 35,000 views in three months, the search term “Karl Marx titties” apparently leads to our website on occasion, and 124 of you like us on Facebook.  Additionally, famed statistician Nate Silver estimates that Editor-in-Chief Clancy Tripp has experienced “a marked

Breaking News: All Anonymous Hateful Comments on Forum Articles are Actually the Work of Sean McQueen


 Things between local it-couple Caroline Nyce (Forum Editor-in-Chief) and Sean McQueen (Forum Managing Editor) are heating up, and this time it’s hot off the press! An anonymous, concerned source told The Golden Antlers that ever since “that girl who is always riding a long board around and that guy who is obsessed with living in