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People Creating Dirty Google Docs and We Caught Them!

Screenshot Journalism, the only truthful tool left


 BREAKING NEWS: The Golden Antlers has just discovered a new journalistic tool dedicated to truth and excellence: Google Doc screenshotting. Here’s how it basically works: Step 1: we go to painfully great lengths to personally hijack someone’s Google account in the name of honesty. Some devious nabbers are difficult and keep their passwords secret so

The Assanaeum F**knightly: Spicy Public V-Day Sex?


 Dear D, “The big V-day is coming up and what better gift to give my hookup/mancandy than sex in public? Can you recommend a location on the 5C campus that won’t get us arrested or seriously injured? Any tips? – Budding Voyeur” My Dearest Budding Voyeur, You must be of the freakiest variety and only

A Claremont Christmas: St. Nick Visits the Athenaeum


 Christmas cheer descended on the colleges yesterday when Santa Claus himself landed his sleigh in Claremont. Saint Nick’s landing marked one of many stops in his pre-Christmas exposition tour. Highlights of the day included a meet-n-greet milk-n-cookies at Claremont McKenna’s Athenaeum, followed by a private discussion of the decreasing importance of elves in the manufacturing

Anatomy of the 5C Party Scene


 6:01 A time of wonder, a time to think to yourself “Finally, I really am a college student!” Or perhaps, “So that’s what champagne feels like directly on my eyeball!”  Or perchance, “Why am I waking up surrounded by nurses with an IV in my arm!”  Let’s just say that if you remember anything past