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CMC’s “See a Nip, Save a Nip” Breast Cancer Fundraising Initiative Cancelled After Nearly Bankrupting School


 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and no one is more aware of breasts than the students of Claremont Men’s College. This year, CMC arranged a unique fundraiser, the proceeds of which went to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. Any time students accidentally saw a bro’s nipple, they reported it to the administration who

Dear Sage Antlers: “I’m Troubled by Thongs!”


 Dear Sage Antlers, Very often I find myself in a difficult situation involving panties and social insecurity: I want to do my laundry, but all the machines are full. However, there is one machine done operating with the clothes still sitting in it. Could I just wait for an open one? Yes, but fuck that!

Overzealous Pitzer Protester Self-Immolates in Response to Elimination of Meatless Mondays


 Dinner was unfortunately served a little bit too well-done for Pitzer’s Tranquility Foster ’16 this Monday. The 5C’s remain in a strange state of simultaneous solemnity and confusion in the aftermath of what appears to be a bout of impassioned, yet arguably impulsive, civil-disobedience. Miss Foster appears to have attempted an act of self-immolation in