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The Assanaeum F**knightly: Spicy Public V-Day Sex?


 Dear D, “The big V-day is coming up and what better gift to give my hookup/mancandy than sex in public? Can you recommend a location on the 5C campus that won’t get us arrested or seriously injured? Any tips? – Budding Voyeur” My Dearest Budding Voyeur, You must be of the freakiest variety and only

Overzealous Pitzer Protester Self-Immolates in Response to Elimination of Meatless Mondays


 Dinner was unfortunately served a little bit too well-done for Pitzer’s Tranquility Foster ’16 this Monday. The 5C’s remain in a strange state of simultaneous solemnity and confusion in the aftermath of what appears to be a bout of impassioned, yet arguably impulsive, civil-disobedience. Miss Foster appears to have attempted an act of self-immolation in

The Inside Scoop on T-Swift’s Performance


 Claremont students were lucky enough to host singer, songwriter, superstar Taylor Swift on Monday night after Harvey Mudd College won an online contest which they definitely did not hack. As part of her VH1 Storytellers show, Swift opened up and gave us all the juicy details behind many of her smash hits and even previewed