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In Defense of Alcohol Poisoning: A Pro-Partying Perspective


 ** Update as of 3/6/2013, read the memo by ASCMC President Aditya Pai, sign the petition circulating to ask the Dean of Students Office to start talkin’ At approximately 12:37 PM on January 27th Dean Spellwoman announced Claremont McKenna College’s new official Anti-Partying and Anti-Alcohol stance.  The email is reproduced below: Dear Students, That’s it.  No more alcohol for

TNC Brings Thrift Shop Boom to Claremont


 Much to the chagrin of hipsters everywhere, the Claremont thrift shop market has exploded in the last few weeks. This Thursday’s TNC, themed “Thrift Shop,” has only furthered this dangerous trend. As more and more students go for the deals, scabies infections are spreading throughout the Claremont Colleges. For the uninformed, scabies are eight-legged mites

Beer Pong: CMC-Style


 At CMC, “We like sports and we don’t care who knows.” Our students take inner-tube water polo more seriously than our smarterness and most of our girls could outbench the Pomona football team. J Nauls and the Dean of Students office help us out-sport the competition by subsidizing our protein shakes, fan clubs and anabolic