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Donald Trump Withdraws From Presidential Race Following Scathing Facebook Post by Pomona Freshman


 Donald J. Trump, the billionaire businessman and frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, has suspended his campaign after reading a fiercely critical Facebook post written by Pomona freshman and brave hero Leopold Magnus Jr. In his blistering post, which received 14 ‘likes’ and one comment by a fellow student which read “Preach” or “Truth” or something,

Dear Sage Antlers: “I’m Troubled by Thongs!”


 Dear Sage Antlers, Very often I find myself in a difficult situation involving panties and social insecurity: I want to do my laundry, but all the machines are full. However, there is one machine done operating with the clothes still sitting in it. Could I just wait for an open one? Yes, but fuck that!

The Golden Antlers’ New Years Apologies


 2012 has certainly been a crazy year for The Golden Antlers!  We’ve received over over 35,000 views in three months, the search term “Karl Marx titties” apparently leads to our website on occasion, and 124 of you like us on Facebook.  Additionally, famed statistician Nate Silver estimates that Editor-in-Chief Clancy Tripp has experienced “a marked