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Freshman Announces Decision to “Really Buckle Down” This Semester


 Early Monday morning local CMC freshman Joe Myers announced his decision to “stop fucking around” and start thinking about his future. After a stunning 14 weeks on campus Myers concluded that he was ready to knuckle down and work hard in his classes.  Myers decided that he “might even apply for a job at KLI”

In Defense of Alcohol Poisoning: A Pro-Partying Perspective


 ** Update as of 3/6/2013, read the memo by ASCMC President Aditya Pai, sign the petition circulating to ask the Dean of Students Office to start talkin’ At approximately 12:37 PM on January 27th Dean Spellwoman announced Claremont McKenna College’s new official Anti-Partying and Anti-Alcohol stance.  The email is reproduced below: Dear Students, That’s it.  No more alcohol for

The Golden Antlers’ New Years Apologies


 2012 has certainly been a crazy year for The Golden Antlers!  We’ve received over over 35,000 views in three months, the search term “Karl Marx titties” apparently leads to our website on occasion, and 124 of you like us on Facebook.  Additionally, famed statistician Nate Silver estimates that Editor-in-Chief Clancy Tripp has experienced “a marked