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The First Annual 5C Golden Antlers Scavengepalooza!!


[dropcap]H[/dropcap]old your miniature horses. The next big thing is here. It’s the biggest thing in the history of things. Friday, Oct. 3 marks the beginning of the greatest scavenger hunt in collegiate history: the 5C Golden Antlers Scavengepalooza.

Form your teams, choose your mascots, brush your teeth, and prepare for a life-changing journey to the very depths of the Claremont Colleges. Points will be determined by a panel made up of Golden Antlers staff members and the presidents of all 5 colleges. The grand prize will be a lifetime supply of chocolate and a diploma from the college of your choice.

Let the scavenging begin, and may the odds be ever in your flavor.


  1. Get enough people to pee in a fountain that it’s more pee than water (if it ever was water in the first place)
  2. Scavenge for alcohol and create a delicious new cocktail out of it
  3. Climb the side of the clock tower at Pomona
  4. Cook meth @ the Keck (No points will be awarded but you’ll make good money)
  5. Drink an entire keg of beer in 1 hour (this is just a CMC graduation requirement)
  6. Steal a bicycle (1 point for a bike, .5 for a scooter, 5 for a tricycle, 0 for a unicycle)
  7. “Have sex with” a Pitzer cactus: more points if more creative/painful
  8. Domesticate a squirrel and train it to water ski in the Bauer Fountain (75 points)
  9. Leave every toilet seat up @ scripps
  10. Unicycle at harvey mudd (or do that weird thing where you attach wheels to your feet)
  11. Skinny dip in the Scripps koi pond
  12. Grow some top notch weed at the Pomona farm (This is just for your own personal enjoyment)
  13. Steal the stag or sagehen mascot costume. Wear it to a dining hall. Lay on the ground for a while struggling to get up. If anyone tries to help you yell, “IT’S IMPORTANT THAT I DO THIS MYSELF.”
  14. Play Beer Pong on the Stark pool table
  15. Steal every Bob Marley poster from every Pitzer dorm room and put them up in Pomona’s art museum (1 point per poster)
  16. Have consensual sex with Campus Security (double points if you do it in his/her golf cart)
  17. Give money to the Golden Antlers ($1/point)
  18. Make a very serious and convincing Facebook status disclosing that you are fiscally liberal and socially conservative.
  19. Install air conditioning in CMC dorms
  20. Attend a CMS Football game where they actually win
  21. Bring a resume into Career Services for consultation that is CLEARLY full of lies and exaggerations.
  22. Masturbate in class (more points if you get caught)
  23. Graduate CMC without once considering going into consulting (1000 points and a lifetime of sadness)
  24. Wait in the whole pasta bar line at McConnell
  25. Solve the RubixKube [do_widget id=bl_google_ads-7]
  26. Email/Facebook a large amount of people asking them to take your survey for psych class. The survey has three questions: 1. What’s your name? 2. What’s your phone number? 3. Are you into butt stuff? Inform us of the results.
  27. The 5C challenge is for n00bs. Complete the 8C Challenge (all 5Cs + CGU, Keck Science, and Claremont School of Theology. Bonus points if you turn a priest. )
  28. Assemble the thundercats on fourth floor Honold (Get punched +10)
  29. Turn a fountain into a chocolate/beer/champagne fountain
  30. Have your professor’s baby (10 points if it’s a boy, 7.7 points if it’s a girl)
  31. Live with the Mudders for a week. Study their behavior. Mimic it. Become one of them.
  32. Erect a statue of a penis in the Scripps gardens (69 points)
  33. Comment on every Forum article about how superior the Golden Antlers is to them
  34. Fill every orifice with mud on Mudd campus (6.28 points)
  35. Lick the windows of the Kube while winking at a specific person inside
  36. Invite your parents to stay. Challenge them to a game of beer pong. Win. Take their money and run.
  37. Shear a Pomona squirrel and knit socks out of its fur
  38. Bring a mattress to the Kravis Boardroom and live in there for a “performance art exhibition”
  39. Hitchhike to LA
  40. Write a Yik Yak that gets -150 points
  41. Find a CMC t-shirt with sleeves (17 points)
  42. Eat lunch at Oldenborg, speak gibberish instead of the designated language
  43. Successfully register a pony as an emotional support animal
  44. Eat at every dining hall in one day
  45. Burn your lanyard
  46. Rewrite the lyrics of a well-known rap song to be about the 5C’s. Take a video of someone rapping it at the top of the Frary steps.
  47. Ask an Athenaeum speaker what they aren’t telling us about Benghazi
  48. Do a line of coke off your Student Investment Fund application
  49. Pond someone in the Kube water

– Liz Sommer PZ ’18 with contributions from Clancy Tripp CMC ’15, Brendan Busch CMC ’18, Jacksón Smith CMC ’18, Aseem Chipalkatti CMC ’15, Charlie Montgomery CMC ’15, Maddy Stein CMC ’15, Elliot Warner CMC ’18, and Anna Balderston CMC ’18.
p.s. but seriously, send us pics if you complete any of the items and we’ll add them to our site!


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