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The Five Best Hazmat Suits for Foam 2013


Ugh. Hazmat suit shopping. It’s the worst, right? Unfortunately, with Foam right around the corner, it’s a necessary evil. You don’t want to be the only one at the party subjecting your body to the hazardous foam, do you? You’re going to Foam to have fun, so get over the fact that your bod isn’t quite hazmat-ready—with the right suit, anyone can look smokin’ at a party located in a pool of hazardous waste! And luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of all the hottest hazmats of Fall 2013. I’m positive you’ll find one that fits your style and your budget, and I guarantee that all of them will turn heads!

The Swanky: ONESuit® Flash Hazmat Suit, $2,779.95


Okay, okay. I know all of you are probably tired of hearing about the ONEsuit®. It is the “it” suit of Fall 2013. But what hazmat best-of list would be complete without it? This baby is the Rolls-Royce of hazmats. From its sexy red color to its protection from flash fire, this suit has got it all. It’s a splurge, I know, but the timeless style and color of this suit will last you through countless seasons (and Foam parties!). Not to mention its life cycle has been proven to be twice that of other suits! Talk about an investment.

The Kinky: Tychem® TK Level A Suit, $1,145


I know, this suit is still a splurge, but who can resist that juicy Lime Green? You’ll be sure to stand out in a sea of yellow suits. Plus, the added visibility of the green in low-light situations will make it easy for the hotties to spot you from across the pool of hazardous waste! Not to mention this suit’s barrier lasts for 8 hours—get ready to party ‘til dawn. Another added bonus: you get to choose whether you want your suit to have a front or rear entry…are you thinking what I’m thinking? 😉

The Modern: Interceptor® Level A Deluxe Suit, $889.95-$999.95


First of all, that cobalt color is totally on-trend for fall. But more importantly, I am IN LOVE with the modern elements of this design—that diagonal zipper across the chest is so unexpected yet flattering. Plus, the Teflon® visor prevents impairment of vision. No more accidentally hooking up with a 5 that looked like a 10 through your messed-up visor!

The Dance-Ready: Zytron® 500 Totally Encapsulating Level B Suit, $316.95


The styling of this one really struck me—I LOVE how the orange boots match the suit! This suit won’t offer as much protection from the foam as the more expensive suits, but I love its super slimming profile and how it’s built for mobility. This is THE suit to buy if you’re hoping to get your twerk on.

The Budget-Friendly: Sunrise Industries AX69C Hazmat Suit, $12.99

This one obviously offers less protection than the swankier suits—it doesn’t have a visor, so your face could come in contact with the hazardous foam. But hey, the danger of burning your face off sure adds to the adrenaline rush! The yellow color is unoriginal but no doubt a timeless classic. I also like how the model looks ready to get down—he seems to know the secret ingredient for looking good in a hazmat suit: confidence!

No matter which hazmat suit you pick, I have no doubt that all of you beautiful people will look amazing. Let’s hope it doesn’t shut down early this year—the longer it lasts the more hazardous (and fun!) the foam becomes. See you Saturday!

– Julia Comnes SCR ’16


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