The Golden Antlers Presents: The Great Prezi Apology


Earlier this week, some esteemed GA writers composed thoughtful, articulate, and useful guidelines to using Prezi to improve your performance and avoid prematurely finishing your presentations. We have received thoughtful, articular, and useful feedback on these guidelines, and want to follow up on this piece.

Guys, we understand that the first few weeks of the semester can be stressful. We’re popping Advil like m&m’s, Collins is still serving dry chicken, and the Motley won’t open for several months. But this is no excuse for disparaging our comrades’ work. It is with a heavy heart that we bring you the following news: an unnamed freshmen was told that their Prezi was “a little extra” by another student. This sort of behavior is inexcusable and will not be tolerated by our collective community.

We don’t ask a lot around here. We’re simple people. We enjoy simple pleasures. Straight Jack Daniels. Peeing in local children’s pools. At the same time. But what we expect is a basic level of courtesy when judging our peers. Tell them their leadership potential isn’t great, or that their masculinity is fragile. For the love of finance, please spare our presentation transitions of your criticism.

In order to protect our egos and our slide decks, we have determined it is in the best interests of the community to rescind our recommendation to use Prezi. We apologize to those we have hurt with our careless advice. For those to whom this applies, we also wanted to say we are sorry for ruining your life. Use Microsoft if you must, you godless heathens.


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