The Single Lyf: 20I<3 CMC


Anonymous CMC ’15 provides the second installment of her recurring series “The Single Lyf: Living Abroad in a Phillips Single”

Howdy partners! Round 2 of what’s been going on around here these days! Glad you all enjoyed Oktoberfest together! I saw some of the pics on FB, liked ‘em all! (You can like my pictures too if you want, expect a Fall 20I<3 CMC album coming up soon!) But until then, here’s a little discription of what’s new!

Day #42

Last night a drunk freshman girl told me she liked seeing my face around the dorm and would be down to be friends! I knocked on her door this morning with a list of activities for us to do, but she refused and said she doesn’t remember ever saying that. It’s okay, I know when we’re drunk the truth slips out.

Day #43

At least I have my best friends Ben and Jerry to keep me company. Thanks Hub!

Dancin on my own!

Day #46

Today I took all of someone’s load of laundry, and I’ve been wearing their clothes around hoping that their owner will notice…conversation starter say whaaaa?!?!

Day #47

I miss Northquad.

Day #52

Today I saw someone shout happy birthday to their friend walking by outside. So I dumped a bucket of water on their head. On the go ponding! Sorry I couldn’t make it to your birthday celebration! Let me know when it is though, just so I can check to see if maybe I am actually available?!

Day #53

I’ve been brushing my teeth like 8 times a day for the quality bathroom chats I’ve been getting.

Day #54

Today I thought the girl next door to me said hi as she walked by, but then I realized she was singing to herself.

Day #55

Anyone up for an inner tube wapo practice tomorrow 6am?! I’ll be out there.

Day #56

On Saturday night I stood in my room, put on some cool lights, blasted music and bounced a ping pong ball around for a while, hoping the excited Freshman would stop by for some classic Saturday night BP! It was a no show, but I really improved my skills and am getting closer to the hitting the cup each time!

Day #57

At least I have the internet.

Day #58

I’ve been helping out the admissions programs here by adding little tid-bits of information from my window as tours pass by. Today I shouted “I’m happy!” just to clarify that the ranking was true.

Day #60

I tried to reply to the inform email today to ask about the Salvatori Speaker soon, but postmaster sent me one back to tell me my delivery has failed. Speak to me!

Day #62

Didn’t to-go box for the first time this month!

Day #63

Saw my Econ 50 professor from Freshman year is still at it holding office hours. Visited him today, and he told me that he had no obligation to answer my inquiries, as he is no longer my teacher. But it was just like the good ol’ days for a second. See you soon, Weidenmeir!

Day #64

I posted an internship position for “Phillips Friend” on CMC Connect. Haven’t gotten any applicants yet, but spread the word! It’s a great resume builder.

Later sk8ers!

– Christie Capper CMC ’15


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