The Single Lyf: Living Abroad in a Phillips Single

Hey guys - junior year at CMC is a slam dunk!

Hey gang!

I just thought while everyone was writing their own abroad blogs, I would write one to keep all you updated on what I’m up to here! I’m excited for a fun-packed semester at CMC with my new single in Phillips! Last year I lived with a bunch of my friends in North Quad. While that was really fun being around the people who I cared about, had an amazing time with, and who made my whole year worth it, I think I’ll really like having my own space. It’s great because nobody ever comes by, but I can be social if I want. Like for example, the girl next door was blasting music last night, so it was kinda like there was a party that I could hear/enjoy from my own room without the anxieties of a social situation. So I’m anticipating real good times. I’ll post again soon!

Hey guys - junior year at CMC is a slam dunk!
Junior year at CMC is a slam dunk!

Day #1

I’m all settled!  Turns out I have a great view of Parents Field so I can check out what’s happening with everyone. Hey guys, looks like you’re having fun playing frisbee! It’s ok that you didn’t see me holding my hand out the window for a pass, next time!

Day #3

Bought 2 boxes of popsicles today to beat the heat…popsicle party if anyone’s interested! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Day #4

I still have the popsicles. I know classes are busy, but you guys don’t even have to chat, you can just pick up a popsicle and go!

Day #7

I’ll tell you what. I’ll just leave the popsicles outside my room and close the door and you can take one anonymously. Don’t worry. I’m not hiding behind my door to see you visit!

Day #8

Today I overheard some people complaining about all the ants in their room because someone left food out. I emptied out my refrigerator and put on the contents on the floor, but no ants arrived. Come on over little budddies, you’re welcome here anytime!

Day #9

Today I watched the soccer boys practice. Keep up the good work guys, you look great out there!

Day #10

Today I hung out with my RTA today for a bit, but then he asked me to leave when he told me there was nothing wrong with my computer. See you again soon, Grant!

Day #11

I got a nice big chair for visitors to sit in! I’m not too worried that no one has come by because it makes a nice place to store my backpack.

Day #12

Got my homework done if anyone wants to do anything, I’m free!

Day #13

Locked out of my room. Called the RA. She didn’t come. But it’s been a good way to meet new people.

Day #14

Today I played music, but no one came.

That’s all for now, catch ya on the flipside Claremont!


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