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The Wedding Party Gown Was So Tacky This Year!

Why couldn't it be me??

Trust me, I really don’t care that I wasn’t the bride at Wedding Party this year. I’m above all that. Anna-Katie Marie deserved it! I mean, she probably won’t actually get married for another 10 years. Of course I’m all for women supporting women, but…did anyone else notice how tacky her dress was! I love Anna-Katie, but she wore a mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline? I mean, seriously, come on. What is this, a Vegas wedding? Season 3 episode 2 of “Say Yes to the Dress”? Whatever happened to class?

Personally, If I had been voted bride, which didn’t happen, not that I care, I would have gone in a different direction. Now the Vera Wang piece my mother wore at her third wedding is just going to collect dust in my dorm closet! 

Oh…I meant it’s going to collect dust in the attic at my house. I didn’t bring the gown to school because that would be SO weird! I’m not weird. 

Maybe we should just throw another Wedding Party. Anna-Marie could be a bridesmaid, or part of the waitstaff or something! It would give someone else the chance to be the bride! Next Saturday would work well because I’m getting my nails done on Friday. It’s time we brought class and elegance back to Wedding Party. Anyone know a good dry cleaner in Claremont?


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