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Leaked TSL Opinion Piece: Rehashing yet Another Liberal Political Opinion Everyone on Campus Already Agrees With


By Average Freshman

Here’s what I think is a strong political opinion that everyone on campus already agrees with. This is an argument that literally no one thinks is controversial. I don’t need to be writing this article as it is about an issue that is already commonly discussed on campus and in our greater social sphere. However, since I am a naïve freshman who wants to seem really smart, I will spend the next few paragraphs rehashing an opinion that everyone believes is true, and literally does not have to be written about any more.

This is the part of the piece where I make what I think is a strong political stance. I use facts and statistics to back it up, even though no one cares, or was disputing this stance to begin with. Nevertheless, I will continue to rehash this point.

Here’s a second point that I feel the need to state. This is definitely something that goes without saying, and yet I think it needs to be said. Thank you for listening.

Since I am writing about a moot point, but I have a lot more space to fill up in this article, you know have to read an entire paragraph that is just filler. I’m going to now use a metaphor about our political era, to explain how the time we are living in is unique. Except that it isn’t, and that’s a major flaw of this article. But I don’t care, because I think what I have to say is important to begin with. 

Now, let me leave you with one last paragraph summing up this dumpster file of an article. I have valid thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and you should have to read them, because I’m smart!

Average Freshman is a first-year Politics major at Pomona. They are passionate about public policy, education reform, and the sound of their own voice. Their parents never told them to shut up, and that’s why they now write opinion pieces for TSL. 


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