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Two Weeks Post-Break, Bay Area Student Struggles to Overcome Jet Lag


School is finally back in session here in Claremont, and Scripps’ weird dirt roads are bustling once more. Even though it may seem like everyone is ready to start looking at and then promptly ignoring assigned readings, some students like Nathan DuPont (Pomona ‘20) are still lagging behind. Traveling back to Claremont after winter break can be a rough journey, “especially when you’re making the trek all the way from Marin” says DuPont.

“It really wasn’t supposed to be this way,” Nathan explains wistfully with tears beginning to well in his sleepless eyes. “I was almost up the last step to my Daddy’s helipad when I got that damned call. I knew at that moment that this was the start of a torturous odyssey.” The pilot was forced to cancel the charter flight due to an operational malfunction. While the cause was unknown at the time, experts now suspect the cause to be the recent gold-plating of the entire exterior of the DuPonts’ helicopter.

DuPont was able to secure a direct flight from Oakland to Ontario, but first he had to drive* all the way to the airport. This segment of the journey appears to have been the most painful as when prompted to comment, all Nathan could say was “two whole FUCKING HOURS.”

Now that DuPont has finally made it back to Claremont, one last obstacle remains: his enfeebling jet lag. He admits, “I haven’t even been able to wake up on time for my 11 am class, and this past weekend I was so tired that I could only muster enough strength for two pregrames and three hours at the Apron.” When reminded that his home lies in the same time zone as Claremont, DuPont responded, “Yeah but NorCal and SoCal are like completely different worlds, ya know?”

*CORRECTION: DuPont did not drive a car himself, but rather was transported to the airport via horse-drawn carriage.  


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