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Unsuccessful CMC Pickup Lines

Career Services is hosting a resume workshop. In my bed.
Yeah, I live in Phillips!
Alternately: I am a freshman girl.
Yeah, I’m from Pomona. No, I won’t roofie your drink. Hahahahahaha. Hahahaha.  Haha. Ha.
When you told me you worked for the Rose Institute, something in my pants rose too.
The TNC theme this week is Investment Bankers and Sluts. So yeah, I guess we don’t need to dress up.
“I tried this amazing burger place in the village. We have to go sometimes, the Bacon burger is to die for!”
Ladiesss, I’m packin at least 9 inches over here. What? Dean Vos added 5 to everything, why can’t I?
Let’s khristen the Kube
Just so you know, the Health Educational Outreach offers free STD testing. Let me be your Thursday Night Mistake!
Yeah, I work for the Admissions Office. My official title? Prospie Slayer.
I’m fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and sexually amazing.

– Clancy Tripp ’15


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