Got hilarious article ideas? Want someone else to write ’em?


We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been approached with the words,

“Hey, you write for The Golden Antlers!  You should write about…”

Well here’s your chance, kids!  Tell us what to write about.  Maybe you aren’t blessed by the gods of satire. Don’t worry, we’re conceited enough to believe we are.

Kick any ideas over to The Golden Antlers and we’ll verbally attack any issue/news story/quirk/event/phenomenon you see happenin’ in the Claremont Colleges.

So comment on this post with your brilliant gems! 

As always, if you’re interested in getting involved and writing yourself, shoot an e-mail to

(Mudd, Pomona, Scripps…you know you want to!)


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  1. I love the writing you guys do. It’d be pretty funny to do a piece on a dissection of the types of 5c couples here-say, how a mudd/scripps couple would interact in contrast to a pomona/pomona couple, a cmc/pomona couple (do those even exist lol?) etc. you could get a bit of mileage out of the idea I think. Thanks for the laughs, Golden Antlers Fan


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