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Where Did Your Scripps College Tuition Go?

A Letter from the Dean of Students


Dear Scripps College Community,

Recently, we have received many inquiries as to where students’ tuition is being utilized on our campus, as $72,956.00 doesn’t even allow for buildings that only have classrooms in them. We can assure you that your entire life savings plus another lifetime of debt is going to your elite education, incredible opportunities, unique experiences, and a lot of really pretty things. Per your concerns, not only would we like to share with you what your tuition has directly contributed to, but also show you exactly what your tuition provides.


Scripps College Dean of Students Office

Balch Hall 114, 1030 Columbia Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711

Amanda T., ‘20

Your 2018-2019 tuition went to providing New Hall with twelve state of the art, hardwood and plexiglass exit signs that efficiently notify students how to exit in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for your generous contribution.

Courtney E. ‘21

Your tuition covered the cost of this finger knitting marble lady that greets people whenever they enter New Hall. We will have you know that before this statue, this corner was filled by empty space; but now it fills students with glee until somebody breaks her after Euro Bash. Thank you!

Kyla S., ‘22

With your tuition, we were able to buy this great big tall thing that tells time. It’s unfortunate that many students can’t read analog clocks to tell time anymore, but we can assure that it is definitely not going to waste!

Kendra W., ‘19

Scripps College is located in the Southern California desert, meaning a pool is an absolute necessity. Thanks to your tuition we were able to install a fountain that perfectly balances the aesthetic of the pool. Unfortunately, we can only turn it on 27 times a year because Scripps College is located in the Southern California desert. So, thank you!

Eleanor R., ‘20

Why have a boring old air conditioning vent when you can have signature incipit vita nova air conditioning vents? That is exactly what we were asking ourselves prior to your enrollment. But then your family graciously allowed you to attend Scripps College, providing us with the funds to take our air conditioning system to the next level, aesthetically. We thank you, Eleanor!

Julianne G., ‘21

While this drawer unit may serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever in Sallie Tiernan Field House, it certainly was nice of your family to make the sacrifice for our school’s gym utilized by hundreds of students each day to have this big, useless brown thing inside of it.


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