White Student Announces Reverse Hunger Strike to Protest Reverse Racism


Following last month’s protests by students of color, Allerton Buckley, a white student at CMC, has announced his intention to go on a reverse-hunger strike to protest reverse-racism at the Claremont Colleges.

Buckley said that he hopes that his reverse protest will help highlight issues of the reverse-discrimination, reverse-microaggressions and reverse-marginalization that students of no color face at the 5Cs.

“I think it’s great that students of color are taking on the issues that face them here at the 5Cs, but a lot of people don’t realize that colorless students face a lot of the same problems,” said Buckley. “Yesterday I made a hilarious post on yik-yak about how black people are privileged because they don’t have to wear sunscreen, and it got voted down instantly. And last week, I was mocked for mispronouncing sriracha.”

Buckley told The Golden Antlers that his reverse-hunger strike would consist of an increase in his daily caloric intake from the standard 2,000 calories to a whopping 6,000.

“I’m basically going to be eating non-stop until my demands are met,” said Buckley.

Buckley’s demands include a reverse-resource center for white students, an official condemnation of reverse-racism on campus by the CMC administration, a new ASCMC position entitled “Reverse-Diversity Chair,” and the creation of a Caucasian-American Studies department.

Other students expressed support for Buckley’s goals, but skepticism for his methods.

“We definitely have some serious reverse-problems here at CMC that need to be dealt with, but I’m not sure I approve of the way Allerton is going about it,” said Derrick Scott (CMC ‘18). “Reverse-hunger strikes are unfair. It’s like he’s blackmailing, um, white male-ing the administration. If he eats that much, they’ll have to do what he wants–or he could gain a lot of weight, which can cause all manner of health problems, you know, 20, 30 years out.”

This did not deter Buckley, who remained optimistic about meeting his goal.

“I’m gonna get so huge,” Buckley said. “And also I’m going to end reverse-racism.”


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