Worms Love Getting Eiffel Towered (We Checked). Who are We to Stop Them?


Recently, the staff at the Golden Antlers has been exploring our deep love for worms. Our readers may have noticed an uptick in worm-related content. We can’t help it! We just looove worms – can’t get enough of them! Why, you ask? Because just like every single person on the staff of the Golden Antlers, worms are dirty little freaks. 

A crash course in worm anatomy: unlike humans, God’s most kinky beasts don’t like to be weighed down by having various different parts. They have one part, with one opening. Yes, their mouths are their butts. This means anything being put in their mouth is also being put in their butt…we told you they were into some crazy stuff. 

So there you have it, all day every day, worms are being Eiffel towered. They can’t get enough of it! And who are we to stop them? One thing we can proudly say here at the GA is that we don’t kink shame. Actually, we kink encourage. So go for it worms! (And, actually, can we help?) 


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