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How to Write a TSL Opinion Piece

Writing is tough, but we've got you covered!

We’ve all had one of those late, sleepless nights where we just can’t stop venting about dumb shit no one cares about like Big Mouth’s animation style, why cell phones are more toxic than wildfires, why Ke$ha’s lyrics tick us off, or something that is a well-known fact that you just realized like a virtual semester is not worth full tuition. Writing a TSL op-ed piece may be the perfect way to satiate your ego. Luckily, the journalism experts at the Golden Antlers have created a handy guide to help you write your very own TSL op-ed. 

We understand that this will only address some issues you may see fit to write a TSL op-ed about. For “observations” that require longer articles, we suggest you copy and paste this three times and do not repeat any words when you fill in the blanks. We’re just trying to provide a service to the community, but if this seems mean, it’s because we’re jealous. I mean come on, the TSL op-eds are funnier than like 90% of the stuff we make.


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