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CMC Athletes Win Landmark Victory in Fight for Inclusivity: More Kegs


From Guest Author Anna Fender

Since its founding in 1946 as Claremont Men’s College, CMC has been an institution known for its inclusivity, ever since they started admitting women in the 1970s. CMC has been trailblazing ever since. 

The most recent development is sure to make the not at all sexist or problematic CMC founders proud. Young men and a few women (there’s a quota) are working to bring even more inclusivity to the college. The pandemic has taken many things away from us. People have lost their jobs, homes, but none have suffered worse than the students of the Claremont colleges. The students of CMC have taken the biggest hit: the death of party culture. 

Social distancing and stupid protocols have impeded our students from creating memories that will last a lifetime. From the early shutdown of Monte Carlo, to the recent Club Claremont, the vibes have just not been there. The parties suck. There is only one thing to blame for this tragic development: the lack of alcohol. As a PWI, predominantly White Claw institution, CMC does not have the budget for vodka, tequila, or other hard liquors.

Without the “good stuff,” the party scene has been abysmal. There is nothing more important in college than getting wasted. We deserve the right to end the night puking over a toilet in some stranger’s dorm. Alcohol leads to all the best decisions. Studies show that high alcohol tolerance has a correlation with increased asininity. CMC isn’t known for its econ or government departments. CMC is known as the number one party school in the nation. Why go to UCLA or Stanford when you can attend a 5C party? As one student quotes, “I came to CMC for the parties.”

A remarkable and intelligent group of students have banded together to fight for their God-given right to party. Together, they attended Senate meetings and are exercising their political prowess. These courageous students are standing up in the name of inclusivity. These students created a resolution that would see an increase in the alcohol budget and a return of severely needed traditions.

“We must see a return of the kegs. We are in desperate need of hard liquor at these lame-ass parties. Nothing will help support the BIPOC and first generation students more than doing shots.”

It does not matter where the money comes from. Any club or organization will happily give in to the demands and help provide the students with money to purchase all the alcohol they can carry in their little SUVs. POCs are already used to people coming in and taking things away from them. It is clear by the great show of force from our student athletes, ranging from football, baseball, and even tennis, that their heads are in the right place. Chasing after balls and getting hit by even more balls has not impeded their ability to think critically. As D3 athletes, they are used to losing battles, but this current one is one they will not back down from. We give thanks to the CMS teams for being leaders in this incredible fight for inclusivity. These students are proving all the naysayers wrong. Many may believe that student athletes just want to party, but it is clear to the 5c community that these students hold even greater values.


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