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“The only thing more inspiring than this blog would be a velvet painting of the Statue of Liberty and a bald eagle fist-bumping with Old Glory waving in the background.”

“I feel that shit, brah”

mmmm Bernanke you fox

Welcome to The Golden Antlers, the 5C’s only source of news since 1846.  Feel free to browse our completely serious and practical pieces like an article chock full of tasty tips for the ultimate Snack experience, a thoughtful analysis and retrospective about Pamela Gann, and an in-depth report on gender-bias on the 5C party scene.


Our demands.


In reality you will likely find a step-by-guide on how to bag a Mudder  (Spoiler Alert), a list of unsuccessful 5C pick-up lines, and ruthless TSL/Forum/Voice taunting.

So welcome to The Golden Antlers, stay awhile.  Stop googling sexy pictures of Ben Bernanke and read our articles.

We’re currently looking for article writers, LMFAO-worthy photographers, humorous graph creators, photoshop nerds, comic-creating geniuses, and dedicated readers to feed our egos.  Visit the “Join The Golden Antlers Staff” section to get involved.


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