Dear Registrar: Does Storming the Scripps Halloween Party Count for My Praxis Requirement?


To whom it may concern,

I am a Junior, doing a self-designed major (Philosophy of Sustainable Beekeeping) at Pitzer, and am still in need of fulfilling my Social Responsibility Praxis requirement. I believe, however, that I already participated in a momentous social movement, and as such,  I would like to request that this requirement be considered fulfilled.

Last weekend, my rights were taken away, and I bravely stood up for them. My friends and I – very groovy people who are seasoned activists [debating people on student talk] and incredibly socially aware [having to spend our parent’s money has taught us how tough being financially dependent is] – were minutes late to buying the very last ticket to the Scripps Halloween party. One of us had tested positive for covid, so we had to take the time to doctor a false test. This is what made us late,  and we were told we would not be able to attend the party. I felt indignant at the unfairness of the system and the powers that be. Scripps college trod on our planned epic Halloweekend, which myself and my friend group had planned and spent time and money planning for. For example, getting an upperclassman to buy us a bottle of Titos was no small task, not to mention how expensive alcohol is these days (the Senior who sold it to us said he was giving us a special deal, and it was still $60!). It was in the face of such injustice that we engaged in a brave act to challenge the mental, physical, and spiritual barriers to our right to party hard.

It may have only lasted minutes, but the storming of the Halloween party gave hope to our fellow partiers across the 5cs. Standing up for my right to have litty night, in my opinion, is the highest act of social responsibility. We set a precedent for the 5C student body, and are helping students who may never engage in activism again, feel they made a difference. I was talking to a Senior the other day, who said to me he had never felt the need to protest before this event, but now he understands why people do it, and lamented that he would not be able to ever do it again, since he was graduating soon. I ask as a partier, and now a seasoned activist, to have my Praxis requirement waived.


E. E. 


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