Pitzer Replaces Canceled OA Trips With Captive Audience Meeting


This past week, as the new fleet of freshmen moved into their new homes in sunny Claremont, California, ready to begin their college experience with one of the many orientation adventures offered by the college, inclement weather put an abrupt end to the originally planned week of activities. Pitzer College, being the versatile institution they are, thought quickly and created a new way for Pitzer freshmen to become oriented with the college: having a captive audience meeting. 

Until recently, this was only used during Pitzer’s union busting campaigns, but now the college has decided that it could be an effective method of orientation. We reached out to the Pitzer administration, who explained the decision: “We need to get these new students to sit through orientation somehow, and we used to think the best method was enticing them with a fun trip. We now realize that a cheaper and more effective option is making them listen to a Power Point, which they are required to attend.”

Pitzer stated that they planned to have traditional programming around drug and alcohol safety, followed by a presentation about the nefarious nature of organized labor. They then plan to show a documentary about climate change sponsored by Blackrock. 


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