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A Claremont Christmas: St. Nick Visits the Athenaeum

Golden Antlers staff Christmas photo
Golden Antlers staff Christmas photo
Golden Antlers staff Christmas photo

Christmas cheer descended on the colleges yesterday when Santa Claus himself landed his sleigh in Claremont. Saint Nick’s landing marked one of many stops in his pre-Christmas exposition tour. Highlights of the day included a meet-n-greet milk-n-cookies at Claremont McKenna’s Athenaeum, followed by a private discussion of the decreasing importance of elves in the manufacturing industry.

The tour featured two panel events at the Athenaeum. The first, a political discussion on the topic of the “War on Christmas,” featured Ebenezer Scrooge (’68), Glenn Beck, and CMC professor Jack Pitney Jr.. The second was a sponsored event by the philosophy department on the ethics of re-gifting.

Despite Mr. Claus’ popularity among white, affluent college students, the event nevertheless faced some opposition. Coalitions from Scripps and Pitzer boycotted the arrival of Saint Nick for various reasons including his treatment of animals and his outspoken support for sweatshops.

Santa Claus left 45 minutes earlier than expected after being asked to move his sleigh from Parents Field to make room for Henry Kravis’ (’67) helicopter. Visibly annoyed, the Mr. Claus refused to give a comment to the Golden Antlers. “I mean, what can you do?” asked Dean Erik Voss, “It’s a matter of priorities: when there’s a ‘Santa Center’, then we’ll talk.”

– Sam Pitcavage ’15 CMC


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