Special Day: Snowfall Lets Pomona Student Feel Like They Attend an Ivy League


Wednesday, March 1st: At around 12:45 today, Pomona student Reginald Winston Sterling III’s big dreams of attending a real East Coast Ivy League was actualized when he looked out the window of the Coop and saw snow falling. The Golden Antlers reached out to Reginald Winston Sterling III (who insisted we use his full name for this interview) for a statement: “I was only wearing Harvard and Brown sweatshirts before this, but when I looked outside and saw snow falling on Pomona’s campus, it was almost like my SAT score was 10 points higher!”

Reginald Winston Sterling III quickly dressed up in khakis, a Princeton letterman (his dad’s), and a polo shirt, which he’d brought “just in case.” But when the sun came out 5 minutes later, reality hit, and Reginald Winston Sterling III, among many others, had to come to terms once again with living in California, not being a WASP, and only having one house in the Hamptons. But Reginald Winston Sterling III concluded the interview optimistically, saying, “I’m not giving up! Maybe, one day, if I dream hard enough, I’ll make it to Harvard.” You go champ, we here at the Golden Antlers believe in you!


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